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Importance Of Money



Money was invented in the 19th century. So many people before them did not know about the money. Money is usually used as a means of exchange in the current-day Money is the current medium of exchange in the present-day. One of the definitions of money is that money is an item or even a verifiable record that is accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a particular country or socio economic context.  Everybody needs money, and the only way that one can attain money is that one must work. There are various ways that people can work to gain the money. It plays a significant role in our day to day life. We are using the money to purchase good, also used as a means of payment after one has worked. Ways that people that people work to get the money is like through; this way one can acquire money through employment. Everyone all over the world seeks for employment to an earn money. One gets employed in the sector that they have qualified in. There are those who have the professions of policemen; there are the doctors, there are the chefs, hairdresser, bankers, teachers or even the news casters. All those are the kind of professions that use to acquire money. There also the manual jobs that one use to obtain the money like on a construction site one could choose to be of help carrying around the materials. There are also those who decide to be house benefits, want to be employed in a shop, others as gatemen. In this case we look at the importance of money. Learn about apy interest calculator here!


Money enables one to save. It is usually a hard task for one to save but when one has money, and there is a possibility to open a saving account one just opens. We can't say that one can save a chicken to save it at a point sell it get money. The chicken can die in the process, and one fails to get the amount. But it's possible to sell the chicken and then save the money. So money makes it easy to keep. To read more on the importance of money, check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggv21pNgbtM.


Money also helps to meet our day to day needs because it is usually a means of exchange. We can meet our daily needs like we can buy food, we can pay school fees and at the same time even at the same time pay hospital bills when we fall sick. So it is essential when we have money


Through money, we can also acquire property which helps us at the end. Like we can buy land then do farming. One can also purchase a house to rent it then out and get money. know about apr interest calculator here!